DIY Projects

It seems with time that we do less and less DIY projects and rely more and more on tradesman. Here are some simple projects you can carry out yourself.

Decorating A Playhouse For Boys!

You can put away the pink and blue cans of paint as you decide what colours you should decorate playhouses for boys and girls. Decorating playhouses for children isn’t just […]

DIY on your to-do list? Cover yourself properly first…

So, summer’s coming to an end, and with it a number of the more ambitious tasks go out of the window. As the colder and less hospitable weather approaches, many […]

5 Ways to Make Your House Look New

Moving into a new property is always a wonderful time but the emotion can wear off pretty quickly.  If you see that your new home isn’t as modern looking as […]

Planning a DIY Project to Reduce your Stress Levels

Planning a DIY Project to Reduce your Stress Levels

The thought of living in a beautifully refurbished home is what drives us all to embark on DIY projects from time to time. Whether it’s relaxing in a newly decorated […]

Buying Made to Measure Curtains Online- A Useful Guide

Buying home improvement items, such as rugs, lamps and curtains, online is a very convenient way to shop, as you don’t need much time to do the actual shopping bit, […]

How to Choose Decorating Supplies

Around seven million Brits are living with a never-ending renovation drama, according to research by a home insurance provider. It found that while Brits love to tackle DIY home renovation […]

News on Upgrading Your Bathroom on a Tight Budget

While working to upgrade a client’s bathroom on a pretty strict budget I learned more than I expected. One of those things was that the producers of home improvement materials […]

The Modern Approach to Choosing Curtains

Like many people, I can remember certain events from childhood with a lot of clarity, and then others with very little detail. One of the memories that sticks with me […]

Reclaim Your Kitchen Counter Tops

So your kitchen is being overrun with stuff. Specifically, your countertops are cluttered and you want that space back. Things may have gotten so bad that you are considering bringing […]

How to lay paving stones

Which Paving Stones Should I Use? There are as many different types of paving stones as there are types of stone. Outdoor paving stones vary in size, shape and materials. […]

Turn the Search for Window Treatments and Home Decorations Into a Game

Turn the Search for Window Treatments and Home Decorations Into a Game

There is plenty to think about when you are decorating a home without the assistance of an interior decorator. Many hours will be spent getting the paint on the walls […]

Refurbish Your Outdated Bathroom Vanity Fast

Refurbish Your Outdated Bathroom Vanity Fast

The vanity in your bathroom is looking aged and forlorn, and you are searching for a way to resurrect it. One way to update it, that you may not have […]