Decorating A Playhouse For Boys!

You can put away the pink and blue cans of paint as you decide what colours you should decorate playhouses for boys and girls. Decorating playhouses for children isn’t just about the paint you put on the walls, it’s more about the thought and detail you apply to decorating and accessorising the entire playhouse.

Planning ahead helps

As soon as you know which of the different size wooden playhouses (such as these) you’re going to choose to buy or build for your boys, you can start thinking well ahead about the many ways that you can detail the garden structure to match your children’s characters and attitudes.

In case your boys are going to get bored with blue everywhere, there is every chance they have one or two favourite colours which can form the bulk of painting the wooden Playhouse. Opting for a variety of rainbow colours is always an alternative if it matches your children’s outgoing characteristics and doesn’t smother them with over design.

You don’t have to be wealthy to decorate and accessorise playhouses for children. What you need is creativity, resourcefulness and a lot of love. Once you set a budget of how much you intend to spend on the decorating process, you should ensure you keep within your budget because it is very easy to spend far too much on playhouses and the children will probably not appreciate the difference between fake gold paint and real gold finishes.

Some ideas to help you

It’s a good idea to add an outside climbing frame or a rope ladder, because boys always want to climb. If you tell them they shouldn’t climb somewhere, that place will become their first objective as soon as your back is turned.

You can add your child’s characteristics by starting with a front door knocker, because you know that as playhouses for children are private areas, you will need to knock before even going, which is what you been trying to teach them the past few years. The knocker can be something in particular related to their favourite television characters or perhaps a local football team. A Batman or a club door knocker makes a great novelty.

You might consider adding a doormat with a particular message which may inform people (fellow children) they are about to enter a cookery area, a young person’s club Private Detective agency or a doctor’s surgery; it’s all down to your imagination. When you’re considering signage, you could always add a mileage chart to show the direction of your house and bathroom.

Boys just love aeroplanes hanging from the ceiling so that when they take a moment’s rest and lie down they will be able to watch their favourite aeroplanes looking down at them. If the children have participated in the making of plastic or wooden aeroplanes, they will be more than delighted to see them hanging in their wooden playhouses.

If your wooden playhouses are going to have a sporting theme, a basketball net attached to the outside and painted goals on the walls for balloon football inside the playhouse will be perfect accessories.

It’s easy to get carried away with decorating a playhouse for boys and perhaps the easiest way to begin is to ask your boys what they want to see inside the playhouse.