DIY on your to-do list? Cover yourself properly first…

So, summer’s coming to an end, and with it a number of the more ambitious tasks go out of the window. As the colder and less hospitable weather approaches, many last-minute projects in and around the home are accelerated and prioritised, but often wrongly or without due care and attention.

Obviously, before you decide to reach for your hammer or drill, you need to make sure that your home insurance is able to cover accidental damage, which you will normally have to add onto an existing policy in the form of an additional premium. If you haven’t got home insurance try a comparison site like to compare over 30 insurance partners to find the best deal. You’ll be glad you got it if anything does go wrong – and a lot can go wrong!

For example, you could put a ladder through a huge window or – with even worse luck – end up boring a hole into the wall and straight into a water pipe hidden behind. While bad luck is one thing that may never be avoided, there are a few other measures you can take to avoid you actually claiming on your extended home insurance policy that you must consider.

If you’re starting a project, the first thing you need to do is assess any risks. Many accidents can be avoided with ease if someone takes the time out to think before they act. For example, it’s worth inspecting an area to see if nails that are about to be put through the wall will hold firm or damage the surface; the correct safety gear could also protect your home from additional scrapes.

It may seem like a very easy point to make, but you need to follow instructions for tools as best you can. This is particularly the case for power tools and other machinery. Using them wrongly could not only cause damage, but invalidate home insurance if it’s proved.

Finally, there’s no real rush with DIY jobs – just take your time. If you do things hastily, chances are that a lot of damage could be done. Make sure you are feeling relaxed and happy ahead of a project, as being stressed will certainly spell disaster!