Don’t let the Grinch steal your Christmas!

All across the land people’s houses are filling up like overstuffed turkeys with the designer gifts and expensive presents that Christmas entails. The season of goodwill to all men may just be around the corner, but money as they say never sleeps and neither do career criminals.
So do yourself a favour and make sure your house and its contents are protected this Christmas with building and contents insurance.

Silent Night

Opportunistic thieves will have no qualms or moral dilemmas about ruthlessly capitalising on the large number of social events that take you away from your home during the holiday season and leave it vulnerable and exposed.
In fact, as soon as the long nights draw in, criminals, like creatures of the night, are more likely to leave the shadows in which they lurk, and use the light of the moon prowl around people’s houses in search of what we call presents, but what they simply see as easy prey.
The silent and dark nights are a gift from Heaven, or possibly Hell, to the thieves who delight in taking advantage.
The thieves use the cover of darkness to such an extent that according to recent research, there is a 26% percent rise in burglaries between Halloween and Bonfire night alone.
Now when you add the definite lure of Christmas presents to the equation, then these shocking statistics soar, and that is worrying.

Keep The Grinch At Bay

If you haven’t already got home and contents insurance, now is the time to do so. Christmas is an expensive period full stop, and if thieves get their grubby little hands on your loved one’s gifts before they have the chance to unwrap them, the price has just gone up tenfold.
If you’ve planned for such eventualities, your insurance cover will come quickly to the rescue, but if not, unless you can carry the financial burden of replacing the stolen presents out of your own pocket, you’re facing a pretty bleak midwinter and Christmas day.

Enjoy christmas In Peace

Visiting family and friends is much a part of Christmas as mince pies, crackers, and Rudolph the red nose reindeer. It’s not much fun if you’re afraid to leave your house because of the worry and anxiety caused by the potential theft of your Christmas presents. Good building and contents insurance will not of course guarantee that the Grinch doesn’t try to steal your Christmas, but it will certainly entail that even if he gives it his best shot you will have adequate cover in place to enjoy the last laugh.