Make Your Garden Perfect for Entertaining With a Summerhouse

You won’t be making the most of your summerhouse if you choose to entertain your guests with cheap paper plates and even cheaper tablecloths. Once you have gone to the time and effort to add a summerhouse to your garden, you should take great advantage of your new location to bring out your best crockery and cutlery to set a high tone to match the atmosphere.

The look on your guest’s faces when they see the amount of work you have put in to present a wonderful dinner in your summerhouse, when coupled with a distinctly different location, will please you and you will know that your occasion or celebration with friends and family is going to go well.

You will be using the natural beauty of the great outdoors and your wonderfully manicured garden to present a scene that will be entirely different to sitting around a dinner table in your home.

Improving your summerhouse entertaining

Because you have spent so much time choosing a natural wood summerhouse as your garden room, it makes sense that you will install a natural wooden table, possibly with rattan place mats and the best environmentally friendly candleholders that you can find. This will provide you with a great rustic feeling for your perfect entertaining, and with the addition of crystal wine glasses and some old-fashioned plates, you will be providing a great sense of stylishness to your guests; hopefully you asked them to dress accordingly.

When you have put so much hard work into the preparations, remember not to get carried away and over dress your table so that it looks extremely cluttered. If you’ve ever attended a dinner where you can’t see the guests across the table because the flowers are so large or the candelabras get in the way, you will know this isn’t the route to take.

Your summerhouse will benefit from dimmed lighting which has to strike the right balance between being able to see the lovely food that you have prepared and yet create a calming ambience without using high wattage light bulbs.

Choosing your summerhouse

Only when you know what you will be using your summerhouse for and how often can you go online and look at Walton’s garden buildings to search through the various models to see which will be right for you and your entertaining prowess.

When you add a summerhouse to your garden, its location is very important to you and the occupants when it is used during the daytime because it should be placed where it can take the most benefit of the sun as it moves around your garden.

You can find garden buildings here, and by having a budget in mind, you will quickly see which models will suit your garden. Summerhouses are available in a range of shapes, from square and rectangle as you would anticipate to perhaps the unexpected as octagonal or corner summerhouses so that you can use the best advantages of the shape of your garden and available space.

With a little thought you can make a great entertaining area when you add a summerhouse to your garden, but in reality it’s the people that make all the difference, so it’s better for you to invite family and friends who you enjoy socialising with, rather than trying to make an impression on neighbours or strangers you need to discuss business with.