Home Decor

With fashion and styles changing so frequently, fashionistas will be looking for their home decor to evolve with the times. From the application of powerful pastel colours to colourful throw cushions, this section will showcase articles and ideas on what you can do to improve your home decor.

How to Maintain a Garden Barbecues

When the first sign of spring shows in your garden, for many people, it’s time to open up your garden shed and to find out what state your barbecues are […]

Replacement Windows Will Drive Energy Costs Down!

With all the talk about energy efficiency and rising gas prices within the news, not just recently but frequently in the past too, you may be wondering how you and […]

Beautiful Beds for Sleep Lovers

Beautiful Beds for Sleep Lovers

Having a good bed is one of the basics for getting a great night’s sleep every night. January sales seem to be a perfect time to treat yourself to a […]

Choose the Right Curtain Heading For Your Room

These days curtains are available in several different types of heading, all of which create a look that’s distinct from the others. Some are more traditional and look good with […]

Picking the Right Doors for Your Home

One of the most enjoyable aspects of doing up a home is choosing the interior doors that you’ll install alongside your new décor and fixtures and fittings. And the fact […]

Framing Your Memories

Even in the digital age, looking at snaps on a screen can’t compare to having printed photos in a frame. From simple wooden frames to multi-slot hangings, photo frames can […]

The One and Only Champion of Chair Hires

Well, now I’ve seen it all, and admittedly am quite jealous. You see, I love furniture and would love to have a cushy job that involves it. But, to the […]

The Retro Kitchen That Holds Great Appeal

There are certain styles that I love from afar, but never am brave enough to make mine. Having been quite traditional, even when attempting to be untraditional, I promised myself […]

Contemporary Bar Stools & Chairs

For the modern, fashion conscious world that we live in, contemporary furniture encompasses a range of products such as bar stools, chairs and tables and is the perfect way to […]

The Power of a Fashionable Settee and Proper Lighting

I was just reading an article that pointed out a truth about the modern day living room. It was discussing the fact that the space can be the multipurpose center […]

Bunk Bed Safety

More often than not, families expand at a rate not in sink with the number of rooms in the home they live in. That is precisely why bunk beds continue […]

What to Know Before You Decorate With Stripes

Believe it or not, using stripes in your décor promotes order, and it does not matter what kind of stripes you use either. They have the power to direct the […]