Choose the Right Curtain Heading For Your Room

These days curtains are available in several different types of heading, all of which create a look that’s distinct from the others. Some are more traditional and look good with classical or antique furniture and others give a more contemporary look to a room, going with modern, bright furnishings and decor. If you’re unsure which style to choose, or confused about what the different headings look like, those at Terrys Curtains will help you sort out your tabs from your eyelets.

Pencil Pleats

Curtains with pencil pleats are pulled into soft gathers that fall gently through the length of the fabric. When you look at the top of the curtain, the pleats do actually look as though each one has been folded over a pencil. They’re suitable for either poles or tracks and for a variety of fabric weights, from medium to heavy.

Use pencil pleats in bedrooms or living rooms to create a soft and informal look that’s also on the classical or traditional side.

Pinch Pleats

Formed in a similar way to pencil pleats, that is by sewing a heading tape along the inside top of the curtain, the fabric is gathered slightly differently to create a more formal look.

Pinch pleats are usually gathered in threes with a gap of ungathered material in between them. The group of three pleats at the top of curtain forms a fan shape in the fabric, giving a tailored and elegant look for formal sitting or dining rooms.


Eyelets in curtains are formed like eyelets in any other fabric or leather, by punching a hole in the fabric and protecting it with a metal sheath.  Eyelet top curtains are ideally suited to contemporary settings and bold patterns or colours. The curtain falls in soft folds from the pole that runs through the eyelets. The curtains are easy to pull open and closed, making them almost maintenance free and unfussy. All you need to do to make them look good is adjust the fabric evenly along the length of the pole.

Tab Tops

The simplest of all curtain treatments, tabs are sewn at regular intervals along the top edge of the curtain to form loops which are hooked over a curtain pole to create a silent-running and informal atmosphere.

Tab tops are ideally suited to sheer curtains, such as nets or voiles and can also be practical for medium weight fabrics. Don’t choose too heavy a fabric as the tabs can snag on the pole and prove difficult to open or close.