10 Ways to Use a Summerhouse

Adding a summerhouse to your garden is not a small expense to outlay so it’s good if you can backup your reasons for buying the summerhouse by providing lots of different ways in which you can use your garden building.

Your investment will add value to your property when it becomes time to sell and move on, but in the meanwhile using your summerhouses for a variety of purposes can save you money elsewhere.

1.     Watch movies in comfort

Instead of driving into town to one of those nameless business parks and spending a fortune on an average film and overpriced cola and popcorn, install the biggest screen you can afford on a wall of your summerhouse and invite a few friends over to watch movies from the past which demand a second or third viewing.

2.     Get fit in your summerhouse

To cut down on the commute to your regular gym to wait in line to use your favourite machines and to squander monthly membership money, investing in a home gym, even if you’re only able to buy one piece of equipment at a time, gives you the opportunity to work out when it suits you and perhaps stretch yourself for an extra 10 minutes in each session to take your fitness to the next level.

3.     Spend family time with your people

People always talk about wanting to spend more time with their family, but many do nothing about it. Decamping to your summerhouse, just a few yards from your main home can give you all of the opportunity and time that you need to talk together and play games. Once this becomes a habit, your family will become so much closer.

4.     Somewhere to play your new age music

Sometimes, finding your own space where you can relax with your e-reader and your new age music can give you enough time to remember that you can check back to reality from time to time and not need to live your whole life at 1 million miles an hour. Experts suggest that everyone needs some time by themselves and where better than your new summerhouse?

5.     For ladies of all age ranges

Whether it’s as young teenagers finding out how to apply make up for the first time or as a group of young ladies experimenting with the latest looks, a summer house gives you a great undisturbed place to explore the full range of products which might lead to a ladies only party; in complete privacy.

6.      Young children to play

If you have one or two young children of your own and some close friends have the same, using summerhouses as a young person’s play area can be extremely convenient so that you can leave all of their toys and smaller educational books out all of the time rather than having to pack away every day because space is limited inside your home.

7.     A space to create

When you’re at school it was easy to take up a craft or activity that you could walk away from at the end of a lesson. In today’s modern lifestyle it’s difficult to find space in a home to continue your craft ideas whether you’re a painter, a potter or a sculptor. Having the space and opportunity to be able to work privately and without interruption means that you can back-up the evening classes you took to extend and express your creativity.

8.     Work at home from your summerhouse

With many people choosing to work from home to save on the finances for running either your own office or factory or just the transportation costs of going to an employed job and back every day, the installation of electricity and insulation of your summerhouse can provide you with a great place to work, undisturbed, yet just yards from your coffee machine and private facilities.

9.     At last – your very own man/woman cave

Applying equally to men and women, turning your summerhouse into your private refuge can be a great chance to invite your friends over to enjoy some fun and banter that is perhaps not applicable or appropriate in front of your spouse and your children. Everyone needs to let off steam now and again and this garden room gives you the opening.

10.  Homework privacy

As a student of any age, it’s easier to create an environment that you’re happy to work in, rather than having to put up with the noise and banter from the rest of your family and their pastimes, when you need to carry out your own studying without constant interruptions.

With so many options of styles sizes and designs of garden rooms, it makes sense to spend time browsing your favourite manufacturer’s website so you can look at summerhouses here to make your best choice so that your purchase can double up for any of the purposes you have for your new garden property.