How Babysitters Can Make a Home Renovation Go Smoothly

How Babysitters Can Make a Home Renovation Go Smoothly

Ok, so here is the full story, let it be a lesson to you. For it is one that we wish we had been given. When my husband and I decided that we were ready to move our little family out of the city, and to buy a rural property that needed some renovations we took on way more than we ever expected. Mainly, we underestimated the support that we had been given through friends and family in caring for our small children. As we began to organise projects on site, it became apparent that we needed outside help. But what were we to do, putting up fliers looking for babysitters seemed unwise. But we came across a site that had babysitter needed postings.

The fact of the matter is, though you think you can be everything to everybody, you just can’t. When your home is partly a building site, you require help watching over children, because the place is just not safe. Once you take a serious look at all the tools, materials, and substances, there seems to be a danger lurking everywhere. Saws, shovels, hammers and nails do not make good toys. Paint, caulking, plastic filler, and cement do not either. Not to mention, all the sharp edges and glass that are lying about. And you could not possibly expect workers to put these away after every use, because it would tack on a ridiculous amount of additional time to the activity, and in our case, there was no place to safely house the items.

We had never had to leave our kids with anyone outside of our circle of friends and fam, and had no idea of where to even begin to look for a babysitter in this village where we knew nobody at all. Grandma was now over a hundred miles away, and even if she were willing to come and stay for a while, there was no room for her. The guest bedroom was one of the things we were building. Because of the distance, dropping our kids off at my sister in laws was out of the question, unless they stayed there for large chunks of time. That is not something that I was not prepared to do, I want my children to be nearby. I began to see what a precious gift we had walked away from when we made our big move. We had lost our support system, and taken on more obligation and work than we had been burdened with before.

Needless to say, our predicament sent us on a quest that we had not planned to set out on, nor had we allocated the time for doing so either. Plus, we would now need to pay someone to watch the kiddies, and that was one more thing that we had not factored into the budget that already seemed to be out of control. In fact, the term screeching halt might be the appropriate way to describe what we were faced with once we came to the realization that childcare was essential if we were going to be able to move forward.

It has been a tough road that we have chosen to go down. In retrospect, we would still do it all over again, but I would positively have figured out who would be responsible for taking care of the kids way before we ever packed up the moving vans.