Teaching Kids to Search for Types of Clothes for Sale

The amount of time spent on the computer by our youths is unbelievable. So I have embraced it by having our kids search for types of clothes for sale or school books, and even assist with the groceries online. This way they learn about the value of a dollar, budgeting and responsibility. They seem quite taken with it, and I feel as though I can teach them important lessons without it being a tedious act.

This is how it goes, I tell each of my children what the budget is for the items they are interested in, or need. They then do all of the online legwork, and are motivated to find the best price going, as the less they spend on each item the more they have left for more clothes. I then make the purchase, which ensures that no one goes over budget, and at the end of every month we sit down and review the accounting.

I have to tell you it is working like a dream, and it leaves me time to do things online I want to, like read here on how to get great deals on used furniture, or browse new beauty tips with the time that would have gone into doing this work myself. It is working so well that I am considering the possibility of writing a book about it.