Insuring Your Home

Home insurance comes in all different shapes and sizes. It also comes from a vast array of insurance providers, from online-only companies through to popular high street banks and building societies. Most of the big global banking names, such as Santander, specialise in insurance servies. Many of us are a little overwhelmed when it comes to choosing just one policy from this sizeable market but, more often than not, our first consideration is the cost of our monthly premiums and not the details of the policy itself. Here are a few lesser known facts to help you with your home insurance hunt.

1. Not everyone is aware that certain home insurance policies will cover your belongings not only within the four walls of your own property but also if you choose to go on holiday within the UK. If you like to travel a great deal within Britain then a home insurance policy with moveable contents insurance could be a major advantage.

2. Not all home insurance policies, however, will cover the entirety of your property. Some will include generous garden insurance, though this may incur a slightly higher premium, and others will not protect anything that goes beyond your front door. Of course, depending on the size and contents of your garden, this may or may not be applicable to your own personal circumstances. However, if you want to protect your garden furniture or your greenhouse, it could be worth making enquiries.

3. There are also a variety of different ways to pay for your home insurance. Some policies will give you a range of choices from which to select. The most common choices are between monthly and annual premiums. You can also choose whether you would prefer to receive bills or use a direct debit service. Consider carefully the solution that best suits your lifestyle and your financial circumstances.