The Latest in Modern Interior Design: How to run an efficient household

Cutting edge developments in home improvements are increasingly associated with energy efficiency. As the deteriorating state of the environment becomes an ever more important concern for both producers of household goods and their purchasers, when renovating your living spaces you will find yourself bombarded with new technology designed to help you run a more efficient household.

When we talk in terms of efficiency we usually mean ‘energy efficiency.’ The fact is that ‘energy efficiency’ also translates into ‘cost efficiency‘. So here we will explore a few of the most effective ways in which you can run a cost effective as well as an environmentally friendly household.

1. One of our biggest national annual expenditures goes on heating bills during the winter months. If you are already planning ahead for the coming winter you might like to consider a new strategy. Instead of comparing energy prices from one company to the next, why not change the way in which your home is heated altogether? Many gas fires and water boilers are incredibly inefficient in terms of the energy they use. Installing a wood burner into your main living area and keeping a portion of the house nice and warm at all times could help to save you money.

2. A simple way to save money on home insurance from providers such as Santander is to improve the security mechanisms attached to your home. Installing locks on doors and windows and a burglar alarm system to the exterior of your property could offer you a reduction on home insurance premiums.

3. Whilst most of us are aware of the importance of recycling not everyone has cottoned on to the fact that there are a variety of schemes that will reward you for your environmental efforts. Whether it’s used computer ink cartridges or old mobile phones, many large companies, such as Boots, will offer you vouchers or cash-back when you donate your used items. Look out for initiatives in your local area.